Corporate Video Production

In the current competitive world, it is believed that videos are more effective than text or speech or combined both. By recognizing the growth potential of a corporate video advertisement, many companies look for better corporate video production companies that can fulfill their marketing needs. Pixerio being one of the leading corporate video production company in Bangalore understand its client needs and therefore we offer a wide range of promotional video production services including marketing video production services, business video production services, even video production services to name a few. As a professional video production service provider, we have a team of expert video makers who are capable of bringing magic on screens by creating top quality corporate videos.

Animated Video Production

Pixerio is one of the best and leading corporate animated video production companies in Bengaluru. As we are in digital days, we know how imperative for businesses to have creative animated corporate videos that quickly walks through the targeted audience. As an animated video production company, we create animated promotional videos for our clients that show what they are! With a creatively designed and easy-to-understand business video animation or product animation video, the targeted audience can easily connect themselves to the company. At Pixerio, animated marketing videos aka animated business videos are created by the team of experts who have profound knowledge in animation and advertising industry.

Whiteboard Video Production

Pixerio is one of the best whiteboard video production companies that every client looks for. The handwritten animation is a new style of conveying client’s message to the targeted audience. The whiteboard video animation is created by carefully analyzing the client message in order to make them viral on various platforms. Normally, animated whiteboard videos are integrated into the website to search rankings and augment conversions.

Video Editing

Pixerio – the professional video editing company based out in Bengaluru offer video editing services to its esteemed client base. Our elite team of professionals sit with the clients to know their business objective and give exemplary video effects at Pixerio’s video studio. We are committed to delivering professional video editing effects that you will compel to play again and again. We utilize industry best tools to deliver video editing effects that capture the audience interest just with a tap of a video play button.