Tours and Travels

Our online booking system

Managing ticket booking to various places, through different modes of transport can become a tiring task. That’s the reason you need our software for tour and travels operator which eases out the coordination oriented tasks. Our online booking software helps you save cost, save money, and stay connected with the rest of your team across the globe.

With our product, you’ll be able to easily manage,

  • Catalogue creation
  • Modification and deletion
  • Reservation related operations
  • Invoice
  • Voucher
  • Receipt
  • Bill creation
  • Tour package details, prices, and places
  • Online booking services
  • Partner booking services
  • Trip schedules, itineraries, and their
  • Customization

Real Estate

Easy Real Estate Management

Real estate property management involves multiple tasks, and it takes a lot of effort to keep every aspect of this huge business domain intact. Our real estate property management software is designed to handle all crucial and trivial jobs of your business. With our product, you don’t just get to manage property sale related operations well, but also you can handle the rental property management activities with ease.

Key benefits you get from our software,

  • Comprehensive property management tasks
  • Automated customer handling
  • Property catalogue for sellers, buyers and brokers
  • Rental operations management
  • Sale/rental ad creation, modification & deletion
  • Price quotes management
  • Online rental and sale applications

Bulk SMS / Email Service

Our Bulk SMS/Email Service

Today’s marketing strategies are no more limited to hoardings, bill boards, brochures or pamphlets. You need to reach out to your potential customers through all means possible. It is very less likely that your customers will come in search of your brand, until you really find a way to reach them first. You need to catch their attention to build a brand value. That’s the reason we have bulk email campaign software and bulk SMS service software for you. You can now add your information, colour them up with your words and designs, and send them to literally millions of users over the internet and the mobile network.

Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS service proves to be one of the quickest means to communicate with your customers. Our bulk SMS software development revolves around easing out this process for you.

Features of our bulk SMS software,

  • Send bulk advertising messages
  • Update your customers about latest offers
  • Save time by sending the same SMS to many people
  • Circulate group messages to your staff, members and brand loyalists
  • Get quick attention of people through marketing oriented SMS
  • Launch your brand, store, or business with bulk SMS service

Bulk Email Service

Emails act as your digital brochures or pamphlets. You have to strain yourself very less physically to pass on your marketing messages to many users via Email. When you have our bulk email campaign software, you can spread the word about your brand, business and special offers with ease to your old, new and yet-to-be customers.

Features of our bulk email service software,

  • Promote your products and services effectively
  • Save time/effort by reaching out to global audience in one click
  • Include multiple email ids easily
  • Have quick and simple customer interaction
  • Easily inform about your upcoming events, sale, discounts, launches and other programs
  • Get highly impactful marketing output