Employee Management Software

Our product for Employee Management

Managing employees is one of the vital tasks involved in any business. We help you manage your staff better, and keep all the processes related to them going good. With our Employee Management Software you cannot just handle the related data well, but also can deal with payments, leaves, and other aspects with ease.

Features of our employee database management,

  • Employee data handling
  • Employee leave tracking
  • Payroll management
  • Smooth internal communication
  • Monitoring employee login details
  • Managing designation, task status, insurance, and other miscellaneous details

Project Management Software

Our Project Management Tools

Projects can be small or big; managing them, especially when the tasks are shared by many team members, can become challenging. Our project management software allows you to go beyond the confusing email conversations, and manage all the entailed activities with great control. Our project management system gives you flexibility to perform harmonized operations and transactions. You can eliminate paper work, mail exchanges and in-person meetings to a large extent, which saves your time and efforts.

Our product can be used for,

  • Technical projects
  • Business projects
  • Civil Engineering projects
  • Mining/Quarrying projects
  • Manufacturing projects
  • Management projects
  • Educational projects
  • Training projects
  • Accounting projects
  • Outsourcing projects

School Management

Benefits of our school management software

School management software primarily helps you take care of managing school data and operations. With our school management software, you will be able to handle many related functions and day-to-day procedures with much ease. You don’t have to struggle with multiple documents or cumbersome data entries; you can manage all the processes, with one system, right from your desk.

You get to manage operations related to,

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Courses
  • Class Schedules
  • Attendance
  • Administration
  • Admissions
  • Parents
  • Donors
  • Fees
  • Grades and Marks
  • Tests and Examinations