Video based E-Learning Modules

Video E-Learning adds on clarity and engaging material to your training sessions. You can host well explained lessons and reach out to your students in a valuable manner. We create video based E-Learning modules that are pertinent to the type of learning style you want to put forth. They are also designed to enable better understanding and enhanced retention of what is being taught.

Our Video Based E-Learning Development

At Pixerio, we have mastered the video E-Learning development process. We also have the flair to create videos that are instructive, engaging and well-structured. Our requirements gathering techniques give you the opportunity to furnish complete requisite list. We also analyze various aspects like student knowledge level, training type, student age and objective of the teaching, and we then come up with astounding E-Learning videos.

Our Video E-Learning solution range includes,

  • Explainer videos
  • Training videos
  • Teaching videos
  • Guidance videos
  • Narrative videos
  • Subtitled videos
  • Demonstrative videos

The commendable features of our videos include,

Crisp arrangement: We create impressive video based E-learning modules that communicate to the point, and yet include all the necessary aspects of effectual teaching.

Compressed formats: Long video buffering and elongated download times irk the end-users. That’s the reason we compress your videos, so that your students can access the E-Learning modules instantly.

Superior sound and visuals: To render absolute quality to the videos, we incorporate only superior sound, visuals and content.

Engaging flow: Our E-Learning video design stays in line with your course structure, and comprises an engaging flow of lessons that helps in step-by-step assimilation of topics.

Creative snippet inclusions: We come up with creative snippet inclusions in our E-Learning modules that cut through the monotony of explanation series, but still add value to what is being imparted.