Animation based E-Learning

E-Learning can be made extremely interesting when appropriate animations are added. The team of professionals working at Pixerio think out-of-the-box to create animation based e-learning modules. Our animated e-learning module development services deal with animating your course content so that your students receive it in an interesting way. As an top e-learning companies in Bangalore, we deal with various kinds of animated e-learning module development and provide comprehensive spectrum of solutions in this area.

Our animated E-Learning components are,

  • Attractive
  • User friendly
  • Self Explanatory
  • Attention grabbing
  • Narrative and Interactive
  • Easily understood

Our leading Animation E-Learning solutions

We top the list of animated E-Learning module development service providers because we are stringent about our quality standards, and we make it a point to consider every requirement you specify. We also have a team that has a firm grip over technology, and has a creative bent of mind. This nudges us to create animation E-Learning series that gain a smooth entry into the minds of your students.

Our solution types include,

Passive E-Learning: This type of our Animated E-Learning solution suits you if you just want to impart informational, demonstrative, or illustrative training.

Limited Interaction E-Learning: When you want slight interaction with the users, we create clickable animation bits, basic level tests, navigation expansion, etc, which match your requirements.

Interactive E-Learning: When you want to come up with online learning solutions that are completely interactive, we add in custom animations, complex user interactions, test inclusions, etc, to make the E-Learning highly engaging.

Simulated E-Learning: If you want your E-Learning modules development to act as a live trainer, our simulated E-Learning solution is for you. We develop E-Learning animation that presents real-time scenarios, 3D simulations, and sophisticated multimedia, which can deliver complex training material in a simple manner.