Pixerio is one of the pioneers in the world of virtual reality solutions. Augmented reality and Virtual reality (AR & VR) solutions are integral part of multimedia marketing in today’s world and Pixerio has integrated AR and VR in its solution designing.

What are the Challenges?

Many companies are investing big bucks in developing their virtual reality solutions teams so that they can produce customized solutions for their respective clients. However, many companies tend to implement the virtual reality and augmented reality technologies without considering how it will sync with their existing business infrastructure, and eventually end up in a soup.

Our Approach towards AR/VR

Pixerio will help your business to integrate the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions in your existing platforms as our team of professional designers, coders and UX experts are well-versed with the nuances of the technology.

Virtual reality in Bangalore

Pixerio is one of the most respected virtual reality companies in Bangalore. At Pixerio, our virtual reality experts in Bangalore have years of experience in various domains such as education and e-learning, real estate and construction, e-commerce and retail etc. and we will take care of all your virtual reality related needs. We are one of the top virtual reality companies in India and our multi-faceted experience enables us to deliver stunning quality graphics and content.

How can virtual reality technology Change India’sMarket?

Pixerio has a vast experience in experimenting with VR and it is considered as one of the best virtual reality companies in India. If we look at the future of advertisement and branding solutions in India, we will realize that, the future lies in offering virtual reality based platforms.Being present in all the lists of virtual reality companies, we offer solutions in the space of gaming, business and enterprise solutions, learning trainings and development modules, marketing and promotional tools and any other idea which is niche for your business.

If you look at our portfolio, you will realize that we are listed among the top VR companies and we have worked with some of the best brands in the market. We are considered among the niche virtual reality technology companies and we have developed core VR products, designed virtual reality apps, and also enabled VR integration. Our name will be present in the list of top vr companies in India, and we offer customized VR development solutions for a range of applications in the manufacturing, tourism and hospitality, real estate and construction and many other industries.

Our virtual reality development procedure:

The definition of Virtual Reality can be accepted as “the use of computer technology to create a simulation-filled environment.”Being a well-respected VR development company, our virtual reality development process is very structured.

We hire the best virtual reality developers in India and if you are looking for VR game development solutions, then you need not look further. We will understand your specific needs in implementing virtual reality and our VR game development team will draft a solution. During the testing phase, your teams can work with us closely and suggest any change which you require. We are extremely detail-oriented when it comes to designing virtual reality products, and along with the ease of usage by the gamers, we also look at the profitability of your company. We also integrate the scalability options while developing the gaming, promotional or any other app, so that when your user base increases, you need not spend a lot of money in making the changes.

Augmented reality in Bangalore

We at Pixerio offer Augmented Reality (AR) technology solutions tailored to your needs and industry. Our augmented reality developers have placed us in the top amongst the various augmented reality companies in Bangalore.

We understand that the nature of digital interaction is changing and hence our augmented reality development company always emphasizes to integrate the AR solutions in different customer facing interactions.

How can augmented reality technology change the India’s Market? 

Pixerio is considered as one of the best augmented reality companies in India, and we believe that AR has the potential to change India’s market and the way marketing and branding is done now.We specialize in web based augmented reality which is very easy to integrate with your current platform, and the visual effects have the power to attract potential customers.

Our augmented reality apps development team is very well-equipped with the current trends and the demands of the Indian market. With the onslaught of the boom in the e-commerce world, buyers need to experience and see what they are going to buy, and augmented reality plays a crucial role there. Augmented reality technology companies strive to deliver an engaging experience to the audience on their most personal device using multiple AR based tools. Since we are rated as one of the top augmented reality companies in the industry, you will witness the difference in your customer base, after working with us for a short while.

What we do

The definition of Augmented Reality (AR) can be taken as “an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to add digital information on an image of something.”Our augment technology solutions combine cutting-edge technology and ease of use and our augmented reality developers have worked in multiple projects in the past and our clients are very happy with the results.

At Pixerio, we specialize in augmented reality development tools which show the view of the crystal-clear real world in front of us. If you are looking for augmented reality apps for android to give that boost to your business, then you have reached the right place. Our web augmented reality solutions are easy to integrate and they will give a new look and feel to your current website. We can architect an augmented reality development platform to showcase your product and services and the entire customer life-cycle can be captured in that.